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Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) Public Plan for Sandoval County Fair

Vesicular Stomatitis Virus  (VS) is a contagious disease that affects horses, livestock and even humans. The disease is caused by a virus, which although rarely life threatening, can have significant financial impact on the horse industry. Vesicular Stomatitis is a reportable disease; in a suspect case, state and federal animal health authorities will be contacted. 

In an effort to minimize the potential spread of the disease, the Sandoval County Fair Board will implement the following plan:

  1. Every animal on Sandoval County Fair property (herein referred to as premise) is subject to a mandatory inspection (No Exceptions) upon entering the premise and through the duration of the animals stay on the premise. 
  2. Disposable gloves will be used to check animals, a new pair will be mandatory between each animal check. 
  3. All entry points to the Fairgrounds will be closed during the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to prevent any animals entering the property prior to being inspected. 
  4. Animals with symptoms of VS will not be allowed on the premise. Animals exhibiting symptoms of VS during the fair will be removed from the premise. 
  5. Every effort will be made to provide horse stalls with some separation between horses. 
  6. Only use of individual, rather than communal feeders, waters, and equipment allowed. 
  7. Animal handlers must apply proper bio-safety measures. Clean and disinfect feed bunks, waterers, equipment. Commercial disinfectants such as; Chlorine bleach, Wescodyne, Roccal, and Septisol are recommended. 
  8. All suspicious animals will be reported to the animal health authorities. 
  9. Hand wash stations will be located throughout the premise, along with Hand Sanitizer strategically placed around all areas where animals reside. 

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